New Games Added For Our July Festival

EDCC Games Festival which is going to be held in July as we told you has just gotten more interesting. The fact of the matter is that we were worried that there were only a few games signing up with us for this round of July Festival but now we are quite content with the number of games that are coming up in our festival. Today we are adding a few games that we would like to discuss:

Subway Surfers: This is one game that we really wanted in our games festival because it can be played really quickly and a knockout tournament can be held. We simply have to see who out of the two scores most points and they win the round. A single game can last for a few seconds to minutes and that is it. Life will be very easy in a game like this. Subway Surfers is a simple endless running game where a user is to avoid hitting the train and keep running while collecting coins on the way. The more the distance you run for without getting caught and the more the coins you collect, the more the score you make. Winner can take away all the prizes. The game is going to be fully unlocked with lots of coins but use of Skate Board will not be allowed. So you will have maxed out shoes, magnet etc, thanks to this subway surfers hack mod, we were able to get a fully unlocked game for our festival.

Hill Climb Racing: A well thought out physics applied game that prepares you for the ultimate fun. We are so happy that this game has managed to join hands with our festival team. Now we can have a very fun and challenging game to play in our festival. We are planning to have a tournament where we will see which guy scores the highest number of points in a given map. The challenge will be in a way that both players fighting it out will play a particular map with the same vehicle and they will compete for points. We will keep all vehicles unlocked and open with full 100% upgrades done. The maps will be chosen in a random fashion so no favors for anyone and no complaints there. The game is going to be unlocked with the help of this hill climb racing hack mod which will fetch so many coins that we will take it from there.

New Games For Our Games Festival

Today we are going to add new games to our existing list of games database. We are happy to announce Pixel Gun 3D and 8 Ball Pool as two new games which are going to be added to our list of games. As you all know our games festival is going to be held in the month of July and we are already loading up on the games so our festival becomes quite popular and fun to take part in. Before we tell you more about the upcoming festival, we would like to explain you something about the games that are being added.

Pixel Gun 3D is one of the best multiplayer shooting based game. Now you can battle with your friends, family or other relatives and shoot them down in this game. It is the perfect chance to battle with people you have always wanted to battle with. In this game, your prime objective is to defeat your enemies and win the battle. You are free to customize your character, choose your weapons, provided you have enough coins to do that.

An interesting part of this game is that you may never run out of coins. It is because you can always make use of pixel gun 3d cheats that are available on the internet. These cheats offer free coins to game accounts, specially to those under aged kids who cannot afford to buy coins on the market.

8 Ball Pool is another game that is really fun to play and that is why we had to add this game to the festival that will be held in July. In this game, two players can play at a time, so most likely it will be a knockout tournament that will be held in July’s festival. You must start learning to play Pool if you want to have a shot at the title in July. 8 Ball Pool is a game where you must spend some coins in order to earn more coins.

You have to spend coins to enter a table to play a match with your friend, family or any player across the world. If you win the match, you get 2X the number of coins you spent and if you lose then you don’t get coins back. If you ever get out of coins, then try 8 ball pool cheats that can be found on the internet and they’ll fetch you with some amount of coins to get started in the game.

Games Festival Fun

Hi people,

Now is the time to play games and enjoy the games festival for the heck of it. This month we are going to celebrate the games festival by playing games on our android phone. Now is the best time to play this game in a way that you cannot imagine. Playing games has been a dream come true for all the kids of this world and these game developers have done a fantastic job in making these dreams come true. So let us look at some of these games in detail now:

Pou – This the best game of 2015, voted by millions of fans. In this game players are given a house and an alien pet to take care. It is a virtual pet game where there is a virtual pet that every user has to take care for. Taking care of the pet means that you must be willing to give it food, take it for a bath, play with it and even giving it a comfortable pillow or place to sleep nicely. Pets are cute when you take care of them but angry if you fail to do your duty. For each activity you get certain coins, although if you use a pouhack software then you don’t need to worry about coins as they’ll fetch you with unlimited coins anyway.

Clash of Clans – Clash of Clans is the most played android game of 2015. There are millions and millions of players who are playing this game almost every day. No wonder Super Cell is raking in millions through sale of gems, but we are working towards a solution where players can get these gems for cheap and not so expensive. We believe that under aged kids who don’t earn a lot of money should get a chance to earn gems in this game as well. Life is all about fairness isn’t it? Clash of Clans is a strategy turn based game where you are going to wage war with your opponents and try to win. You have your own village as well to defend and save from enemies, so play both ways, defensive and offensive. You have to upgrade both types of units and buildings and even upgrade your walls as they are the best defense. All these cost a lot of gold and elexir, so use gems from us and get unlimited resources for your village. Use cocfreegems website for unlimited collection of resources.

Xbox One Festival At EDCC Village

EDCC Village is proud to announce the upcoming Xbox One Festival at our Games Village next month. With New Year 2016 and Christmas 2015 fast approaching, we are planning to celebrate with Xbox One festival this time around. Our team recently met the Xbox one management under Microsoft company and we had a nice interaction with them. We told them about our plans to host a party like festival in honor of Microsoft Xbox One gaming console. They were quite excited at this free promotion of their product and they requested us to hold some interesting competitions and give free xbox live gold codes to the winners. We happily agreed and have promised several Xbox games to feature in the free to play games competition. Winners will get free 12 month memberships to play live on Xbox console.

The basic idea of this festival is to enjoy the time playing games, now that is what you do in a games village, isn’t it? We are all going to gather at the games village, play various types of games, enjoy lots of free drinks and time with our friends and loved ones and celebrate New Year 2016. Our festival will begin on 2nd December and will carry on for a week till 2nd January 2016. Almost everyone is welcomed to the games village. We are expecting several game companies and developers to join us at our festival as we are offering free promotional activities for these people. Come to our games festival and promote your new and upcoming games to the gamers from across the world. We are expecting thousands of people to attend the party and also several people are joining us live from the internet as well. Our promotional activities and game competitions can also be watched and played via internet from anywhere in the world. Interviews will be conducted with top game developers and posted on our website too. Don’t worry if you are unable to attend us this year, join us live online by watching videos or participating on the forum, as we are going to make sure that people who cannot join us are not left out. Our basic idea is for all gamers to come and enjoy one way or the other.

Xbox Live Codes that we will offer to our game winners is basically a free 12 month membership card, a pass that allows you to connect to the Live game world and play any game that allows you to play live. This way you can play these games live on the internet with players from across the world just by using the internet and Xbox One gaming console. Most of the games like Metal Gear Solid or Diablo 3 or even the Call of Duty type games can be played online, live with players from anywhere in the world. Nowadays Live gaming is making use of Cloud Computing technology to connect a player to the nearest cloud so there is no lag experience unless of course the player’s internet is shabby. With the help of new technologies, we can improve the gaming experience multi fold.

3 New Games Recommended For League

Hello people, the final update on the games league is back. We received a lot of requests to extend the games league into the month of October. Our fellow gamers have told us that the league must be extended for a fair play. We decided to extend a few rounds of games to make things more fair. The complaint was that having a knockout season is unfair for a game league. Sometimes people get it wrong despite being a great player and so they prefer a Points system and the top point scorers move into next round. We have decided to listen to our players and we have made it into a two month league. But we have tweaked the game rules and decided to add three top games to the league list. If you want to practice any of these games, feel free to buy a copy of your favorite game at Latest Cheap Games.

Now the second round of games that will begin tomorrow will also have the following games:

Call Of Duty: One of the most popular shooter game is COD. Activision has developed this superb game, a game that is played by millions of players today. With a million fan following and 10 billion dollars in revenue, this makes Activision one of top game makers of this world. Call Of Duty can be played with other players in the latest Advanced Warfare version and we wish to test things out with this game.

Final Fantasy: This is for the first time that we are going to add a role playing game. We will prefer this to play under MMORPG mode. All players will be given a 100 level character to play around for 1 week and then there will be PVP wars. It shall be like a tournament and each round will have certain points structure. Top point scorers will proceed into the next round, the losers will have to leave.

FIFA 16: Last year we had played FIFA 15 and this year because of the delay in FIFA 16 launch, we had not included this game into our list. FIFA 16 was launched on 25th September, few days after our league announcement. Now due to changes on 30th September, we are able to re add this game. We hope addition of FIFA will increase the level of competition in this league.

Best of luck people!

September Games League

Hello people, September is here and the league is about to begin. Are you people ready for some real action?

Each and every year in September, we begin a Games League competition which essentially means, we track statistics of a lot of games and multiple players involved in all these games, we add up their points and make a league table. Players compete with each other to win exciting prizes and other things. We also offer a lot of games for free to the winners. We have several category of winners, we place 1 winner per game and one overall games winner. This way we are more fair to the people who play few selected games than being a jack of all.

Interesting League Concept

An interesting concept of the this league is that each year, players identify new type of games that they can play, this way we keep players entertained with new games each year. Last year for the first time we had added Travian to the list, a famous browser based game. This year we have added a game called Monster Legends which is playable on Android and Facebook. But this is not it, we do allow games like GTA 5, Batman, or Metal Gear Solid to be added to the league. If players have to purchase games and they cannot afford to, please visit our PSN Code Generator website to get your hands on these games. With our codes, it is very simple to grab these games and start playing immediately.

Our league usually lasts for about 2-3 months, by year end winners get declared. In meantime, we reserve the right to cancel any user’s membership if they are found cheating in any of the games. This way we keep things clean and simple and the competition is enjoyable. Few years back we had a lot of cheating problem, a group of people came and were topping charts everywhere, we found them to be using hacking techniques to get huge number of points. We cancelled their memberships and threw them out. Since then cheating problem has come down a lot.

Mafia Game

One of the games that we ourselves have planned to conduct is a free Mafia game. You must have played this game in parties or with friends in the past, we are going to play this game using a discussion board software and trust me, it is going to be a lot of fun. Mafia game too will hold a lot of weight in this competition, so be prepared, learn the game and be ready to start playing. We are going to have a lot of mafia rounds till the league lasts.